Troy Athens Athletics Gets 360° of Support from the Boosters


Photo identification from left to right: John Staron, Elie Sassin, Brooke Montana, and Kevin Hazen.

Starting this fall, student athletes at Troy Athens High School will be conditioning like the professionals. Thanks to a grant from the Troy Athens Athletic Boosters, the sports department bought four new training machines. The equipment called the Surge 360° is a two-handled machine engineered to develop rotational power, core strength, stability, and balance. “This type of conditioning is completely unique and imperative to keep our athletes strong and prevent injuries,” says head football coach, Josh Heppner.

The strengthening and conditioning machine has more than 50 compound movements, which provides unlimited workout options. Many professional sports teams use the Surge 360° for both strength building and recovery, including the Detroit Lions. It is now part of the training program for Athens football players and is available to all other sports programs.

“The Surge 360° will provide us with a valuable tool for performance rehabilitation,” adds Athens’ athletic trainer, Bryan Baines. “The apparatus provides us with a tool that helps improve range of motion and strength endurance without the stress of external loading.”

The Athens Boosters awarded $7,500 last spring after a presentation by the sports department, requesting the purchase of the equipment. Each year the boosters raise money through concession stand sales and other fundraising activities to support student athletes and the Athens’ sports department. Last year, the boosters provided nearly 40 Athens’ students with scholarships. Parents interested in joining the Athens Boosters can visit the website for more information:

The Mission of the Troy Athens High School Athletic Boosters is to promote positive parent and community involvement in the support of the Troy Athens athletic program. The Troy Athens High School Athletic Boosters is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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